If this is your first time to Clients Services – Welcome!  Our philosophy is that if we can make life easier and more organized – you can be more productive.  This page is a listing of all the Client Services contacts and links you will need to be successful.

Client Portal  
Each client has a private basecamp site in addition to their SnapShot or Strategic Analytics customer database.  We use this project management site to distribute information to your team, archive reports, maintain a dialog database for the entire client engagement, and provide access to tutorials.  It is all very private and you can decide which team members have access.   To log on to the Client Portal  click here.

User Support
If you are having any difficulties logging into or using Empower Your Analytics and you don’t find what you’re looking for in the client portal, contact one of our associates in User Support.
PHONE:  1-833-4-MYDATA ext 700          EMAIL:   Support @EmpowerYourAnalytics.com

Client Engagement
Please contact our business manager if you have any challenges related to your engagement with Empower Your Analytics.   You can use this contact to add/delete users, contract extension/termination and questions on your invoices.
PHONE: 1-833-4-MYDATA ext 702           EMAIL:  Engagement@EmpowerYourAnalytics.com