The Customer SnapShot is a fully functional database that uses your current customer data, appended with demographics and financial data, and hosted in a secure environment.  We offer segmentation, profitability and predictive sales tools to change plain old data into insights and knowledge.

We have streamlined the compliance, data management and security processes so that the typical client is up and running in 45 days from the time we receive your customer file.  Pricing is based on the asset size of your community bank/credit union.  For the smallest institutions, prices start at $5,150 and can increase to $12,850 for institution with $1 billion in assets.

The Customer SnapShot includes:

  • A segmentation framework of your customers based on age, household income matched with a loyalty index
  • Profitability  – a ranking of your customer households by revenue generated
  • An analysis of your single account households
  • Product preference index by customer segment
  • An analysis of multiple account households


The segments are created by using generational age categories and dividing them into income groups.


Customer Value Measure

We work to create a value measure so that you can evaluate/measure the relative value of customers, households, segments and product performances.  Factors that influence this measure include:

  • The bank-wide spread
  • Allocation of spread by product type (loans/deposits/DDA)
  • Revenue per transaction


Single Account Customers

Tracking single product customer households provides that foundation for creating a targeted CRM program.  The chart below is the beginning of identifying those customers that have only one account.  Your CRM program not only targets specific age/income segments, but sub-segments based on loyalty and digital preference measures as well.


Product Preference Index

Analyzing your customer behavior and matching it to lifestyle and demographic characteristics provides the foundation for predicting future behaviors by segment and sub-segment.



Best Customers

Knowing your best customers is critical to the success of your CRM strategy.  You can set the parameters for defining your best customers.  The chart below illustrates a sample of customers who have $250,000 in aggregate balances, 6+ accounts and 10+ years of a relationship with the bank.