At the end your of 90 day Customer SnapShot your database is uploaded into the Strategic Analytics program.  This is a 12 month contract that updates quarterly and provides behavioral trending, campaign tracking/evaluations, Key Performance Measures, CRM functionality and performance dashboards.  You can add non-customer prospects to your database for marketing analyses and to drive new customer acquisition campaigns.

Strategic Analytics is a robust analytics platform that begins to let you track the performance of your marketing and behavioral trends within your customer base.   You determine the level of analytics that is right for your institution. The combination of trending data combined with our marketing analysis tools gives smaller financial institutions the first opportunity to apply fresh customer insights to the strategic, marketing and sales challenges they face.

Empower Your Analytics can grow right along with you.  Many financial institutions find out too late the organizational and cultural evolution that results from bringing data into the marketing process.  By stepping up your analytics capabilities over time, your team gets the the opportunity to better understand this evolution.  This understanding means you can tailor the growth of your data management and analytics capabilities to your institution’s specific requirements.