If you have limited resources, you can choose our “hands-free” option and outsource all or part of your campaign development & implementation.

Once you see all the possible marketing opportunities, you will no doubt want to get your data driven marketing up and running as soon as possible. If you are like most smaller financial institutions your are stretched thin on resources and budget. Empower is designed for the smaller community bank or credit union and can cost effectively provide you with the project support to get your data driven marketing campaigns launched on time and budget.  The Empower “Hands Free” service option includes:

A Campaign Strategy that defines the goals and methodology for each campaign, targeted customer segments, recommended messaging and implementation schedule. An estimated (out-of-pocket) project expense, breakeven Rate of Return and projected ROI will be provided as part of this deliverable.

Development of campaign “creatives.” Empower will work with our strategic partner BCS to provide three creatives for each campaign for your review, revisions (if needed) and final approval.

Compliance Review/Approval. At your direction, Empower will work with your internal compliance department or an identified external compliance resource to get a final review/approval for all marketing materials.

Campaign Implementation. At your direction, Empower will work with your current local vendors or with identified strategic partners to manage the implementation of all campaign components.