The Customer SnapShot is available to you and your team for unlimited use for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days there are several options:

  1. Print out all reports you like and close your account. If the Customer SnapShot gives you all the customer insights you need you can simply print out all the information you would like to keep.  There is no other obligation on your part.
  2. Roll your Customer SnapShot into our 12 month Strategic Analytics program.  You can use your Customer SnapShot as a benchmark or starting point for the Strategic Analytics program that updates your customer data at quarterly intervals.  Updates to your customer information lets you begin to track customer behaviors, sales/marketing campaigns, and to create management dashboards that measure KPIs over time.

The best part is you are not locked into just one Empower Your Analytics solution.  As your institution grows in analytics savvy, you can increase the complexity and functionality of your database to match your current needs and available resources.   This means you can maximize the ROI  on the budget and organizational resources you commit to building an internal analytics resource – by only paying for the functionality that best suits your financial institution.