The pricing for both Empower Your Analytics products; the Customer SnapShot and the Strategic Analytics program are based on the asset size of your institution. The reason for this structure, is that we try to offer the best price possible, no matter the size of your institution.  Most of our expenses are variable; hosting, the cost of the data appended  and the software licenses all increase with the size of your customer or member file.

Both the SnapShot and the Strategic Analytics programs provide an analytics functionality that includes both your consumer and business customers.  In an attempt to keep our prices lower, and because most smaller financial institutions are focused primarily on consumers we made the business customer data append a product option.

For the Strategic Analytics program, the monthly price is determined by the asset size of your institution and the frequency of the data update that fits your strategic planning and marketing needs.  The twelve month update price is illustrated here.

Empower Your Analytics also provides options to add a prospects to your customer database.  These prospects come with the same data appended as customers.  You can add both consumer and business non-customer records.

 Prices are effective April 6, 2018           Prices may change without notice