White Papers: 

Using Customer Data to Maximize Your Marketing ROI  (June 2018)


Marketing Minutes (one page position papers):

Getting Started With Data-Driven Marketing Strategies part 1   (August 2018)

What is Data-Driven Marketing?   (July 2018)

Building a CRM Program; Don’t Forget Business Customers  (July 2018)

3 Critical Components of Successful Data-Driven Marketing.  (July 2018)

Using Data Driven Marketing to Enhance the Customer Journey  (June 2018)

Building a Data-Driven Marketing Campaign   (June 2018)

3 Critical Steps to Building Customer Loyalty  (June 2018)

Critical Elements Required for a Strong Analytics Culture  (May 2018)

Overview for Optimal Use of Customer Data  (May 2018)

Benchmark Your Current Analytics Capabilities  (April 2018)

The Big Banks Are Stealing Your Customers  (March 2018)



Empower Your Analytics, eBrochure (long version) 

Empower Your Analytics, eBrochure (short version)

Checking Account Case Study

HELOC Case Study