Introducing our new Business Banking CRM (BB-CRM). This program was specifically designed for smaller local banks and credit unions. The BB-CRM is a flexible lead management system for those institutions that want to build a more formalized business banking sales function. With increasing competition from online vendors for commercial loans and cash management accounts it’s critical that small institutions leverage every advantage available to them.

The Empower BB-CRM helps your Business Banking sales team drive improve sales and revenue by:

Capturing all available leads. If you are looking to Empower Your Business Sales efforts it is important that you work with a system that helps your organization capture new sales leads from any of your multiple sales and service channels. Our open platform allows all customer facing personnel to share new leads across your organization. In addition to home grow leads we offer outside new business prospecting lists so you can prospect all new businesses within your branch footprint.

Effectively converting leads to sales. To accomplish this it is important that any program you implement has the functionality to route your leads to the appropriate salesperson based on expertise or territory. This step in critical in selling business banking where it is important to not only leverage existing relationships but the need to demonstrate expertise in many areas requires the ability to seamless hand-off of leads between sales team members.

Our new Business Banking CRM offers a fully functional mobile application so everyone on the sales and marketing team can send and receive critical information in real-time. This speeds up the sales cycle and offers timely response to competitors.

Closing the loop between Sales & Marketing. This has traditionally been a challenge in many smaller institutions, when Sales and Marketing operate from their own data silo. With Empower’s Business Banking CRM both departments operate from the same database. This mean the response data generated from marketing campaigns and individual sales efforts reside in the same database. Marketing and sales can now both seamlessly support the sales process, making each new business encounter much more effective.

We are very excited about this new service, if you would like a demonstration on how we can help you improve your business banking sales efforts fill out the inquiry form on the home page or call us directly at 973-978-6736.