The Empower Quick Start program is a 6 month program specifically designed to give your marketing a shot of high octane strategy that makes the most of your available data and operational resources. The program uses your existing data and operating systems to develop and run 2 major quarterly customer cross-sell campaigns.

No expensive software to purchase…or learn.  We work with you to uncover some of the most predictive customer data and use this underutilized asset to design marketing/sales campaigns that improve customer experience, improve loyalty, and revenue per customer.

No additional resources needed.  We put our team to work for you.  We analyze your current data, recommend possible data driven marketing campaigns, help define each of your campaigns including; media, offer, product and call to action. Once finalized we design, and run your campaign and finally we do a complete back end analysis including; best performing segments, ROI, customer learnings and proposed next steps.

The Empower Quick Start program is a great first steps for smaller community banks and credit unions that are at the early stages of developing a comprehensive data strategy. The program offers real time experience in working with data and can help management teams better frame the organizational challenges they face implementing a new data analytics platform.

Many smaller institutions are surprised to find the already have the data assets to build new and more effective marketing campaigns. Below are some customer segments recently targeted with the Empower Quick Start program.

High balance/high activity stand-alone checking accounts
High balance savings/CDs with no checking account
Active checking accounts with no debit card
New mortgage accounts with no checking
New customers within previous three months
Customers with deposits from asset managers
Customers with direct deposit of Social Security checks
Customers with IRAs
Credit card customers with high cash advance balance