The sales of data analytics software is expected to increase to over $17 billion in 2018.  This means you will be getting even more calls and emails with the offer to learn more about a new data analytics product or an improvement to your existing services.  As many credit unions have found out (some too late) there are many moving parts to designing and building an effective marketing analytics function, making evaluating these offers very

Consumers appreciate smart application of “usage data” with their music streaming services and online shopping. It’s no different with banking services. In fact, consumers appreciate and expect needs-based selling when it’s on target. Community financial institutions that have lagged in using data analytics but can no longer leave it to the big players. Now is the time to get started.

Doing the math on data analytics

Posted by Frank on June 12, 2018
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There are many intangible benefits to gaining greater knowledge of your members.  Knowing your members and understanding their product, service delivery and messaging, helps you to better serve them.  Many marketing and member facing associates see the upside opportunity in using an institution wide platform for collecting, organizing, analyzing and then implementing targeted member marketing campaigns.

However, when we

When did “sales” become a dirty word?

Posted by Frank on June 12, 2018
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By Frank Koechlein for the CUInsight, June 11, 2018.

A few days ago while watching TV; I had the opportunity to see the new Wells Fargo commercial.  My guess is this ad is an attempt to help repair the damage to the Wells Fargo brand resulting from their recent retail banking scandal.  The ad in addition to showing a lot of happy and engaged customers stated; “we have eliminated sales goals

By Frank Koechlein for the Financial Brand.

Here’s what financial marketers need to do to ensure they realize the value of customer data and maximize the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

Earlier this year, a bank marketer and I were discussing their latest direct marketing campaign. Unfortunately the results weren’t as good as had been projected. When I asked what went wrong, the answer was disturbing: “We don’t know.” The campaign in question

By Frank Koechlein, for CUInsight Our credit union clients with member databases have discovered many of the unintended consequences data-driven decision making has on their senior team, organizational responsibilities and business partners.   Using member data as opposed to intuition or antidotal information begins to change the decision making process supporting many CU activities such as; strategic planning, product/service design, service distribution channels, sales and direct marketing campaigns to cross-sell members and to acquire

By Frank Koechlein,  for the Financial Brand Community banks and credit unions must harness the power of data analytics to redefine the ‘community’ they serve, and build their marketing strategy around new segmentation models.

By Frank Koechlein, for the Financial Brand

    The adoption of advanced data analytics by banking provider directly correlates to their asset size. The larger the institution, the more likely they are using advanced analytics to cross-sell customers and steal relationships away from other (usually smaller) institutions.

There is a troubling gap growing in the adoption rates of advanced analytics between community institutions and their big bank counterparts. Half the banks with

Rising To New Rate Challenges

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Frank Koechlein interviewed for an article by Marilyn Kennedy Melia. Published December 7, 2017 in the American Bankers Association, Bank Marketing Journal. After a long—and seemingly endless—period of ultra-low interest rates, an upward path is looming. Still, even if three hikes proceed in 2018 as many Fed watchers expect, rates will still be “low by historical standards,” notes Mary Beth Sullivan, managing partner of Capital Performance Group. But since rates are as central

There continues to be an increasing availability of data with the potential to drive improvements in the member experience and overall revenue growth for credit unions.  In spite of the availability of member data and a new generation of lower cost data management technologies, credit unions continue to significantly lag behind their for profit competitors.   These new capabilities have the potential to significantly transform the effectiveness

3 steps to building increased member loyalty

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By Frank Koechlein, for the CUInsight, In today’s resource constrained environment many credit unions are faced with the dilemma of determining the best allocation for their marketing resources. The primary decision is whether to continue to focus on expanding the member base or to concentrate on deepening the relationships of existing members.  Of course both are critical to the continued growth of your CU.  However, many CUs are now beginning to see the benefits of

To fully leverage the value of customer data and drive profitable growth, financial institutions must bake advanced analytics into their cultural DNA. Those banks and credit unions that figure out make the right data available to the right people at the right time will have a significant competitive advantage. Here are the steps you need to take.
Financial institutions can hire

By Frank Koechlein for the CU Insight.  For many credit unions, it is difficult to find the answers to purchasing the right analytics solution, especially when you don’t know what questions to ask. Many have found success in starting small and getting their hands-dirty with data. It’s this hands-on experience that helps many CUs gain the experience to know what they want – and get it. For many credit unions, the decision to begin

May 23,. 2017 quoted in the Financial Brand article   “Data, Analytics & Technology in Financial Marketing”   By Michele Yurcich, Channel Product Marketing Leader at D+H    Business analytics (BA) and business intelligence (BI) are critical for marketing success where personalization and contextuality are more important than ever. No matter what sector of the economy you look to, it’s all about personalized experiences. In today’s information-rich environment, you can access

By Frank Koechlein, for the CUINsight Many Fintech companies are offering analytics add-ons to the core processing packages their clients are using. Many offer products that provide a comprehensive analytics platform, but are they the right solution for credit unions adopting analytics to grow their member base? As many senior marketing managers can attest, the analytics presentations from the larger Fintech companies are spectacular.  These software solutions can do everything from assigning a

Taking the Lead on Bank Analytics

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May 18, 2017.  Quoted in D+H White Paper.   Data is where all marketing efforts should begin, not end, Frank Koechlein, Managing Director, Velocity Marketing Analytics, noted.  “BA/BI is a critical necessity. The sales of BA/BI software are expected to increase to approximately $17 billion in 2017. This means not only will FIs be expanding their current BA/BI capabilities – but many will be launching this capability for the first time. In either case, if you don’t have an analytics platform,