Welcome to the New Marketing Analytics.

A clear, common sense guide for implementing an effective data analytics strategy.

In today’s world, community banks and credit unions are competing in a multi-channel, information-based marketplace. To effectively compete, marketing leaders are tasked with the timely analysis of mountains of customer and market information to make faster and better marketing decisions. It’s not just the task of collecting information. It’s the development of new insights and the ability to implement this new found knowledge to drive more profitable marketing – that’s what counts.

Bank and CU marketers get paid to produce results. No matter how you define success; growing your customer base, building market share, growing share of wallet, increasing profitability, being a market leader or simply having a better understanding of your customers/members.

This book will demonstrate how the degree of success is in direct proportion to the ability to successfully analyze both traditional and big data. The information and wisdom derived from data is your ultimate competitive advantage.

About the Authors

FRANK KOECHLEIN has an extensive financial services background implementing direct/data driven marketing strategies in the banking, investment services and insurance industries. His unique perspective combines marketing fundamentals, emerging technologies and organizational realignment to create unique solutions for implementing effective new data driven marketing functions.

DAVID DIRKS is a senior marketing and sales management executive with experience across several industries. His expertise is creating and executing marketing campaigns and programs built on a foundation of solid data analytics to deliver growth and profitability.

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