We can work with you to meet the organizational and technology challenges in designing and implementing a data-marketing strategy.

Empower Your Analytics offers credit unions and community banks the competitive advantage of being able to implement data driven marketing campaigns to cross-sell existing customers and acquire new ones. No matter what their current data analytics capabilities.  We have designed Empower with the specific personnel, budget and experience challenges that smaller financial institutions face when implementing data driven marketing programs. 

Any data analytics strategy without broad leadership support will almost always end up stuck in the mud. “Support” means both budget support and office politics — managing turf wars and facilitating interdepartmental cooperation. It’s critical that project leaders/advocates ensure managers at all levels and in all departments fully understand the payoff, because implementing a marketing analytics strategy is a process that involves both scale and effort.

If leadership and influential associates in your organization don’t buy into the project little will become of the effort.  If you’ve already initiated a marketing analytics strategy, senior managers will want to see the impact and results of the investment. So think of your lobbying efforts as a form of internal PR. Don’t let the project fail before it’s had the chance to be successful.

The emergence of customer data as a tool requires senior managers in your organization to understand more of the nuts and bolts than ever before.  Training and education should be provided for these decision-makers to allow them to understand how to best leverage the data and member insights in decision making.  General meetings about marketing and data analytics do not qualify as formal training on how to maximize the value of the institution’s data. Training on specific issues and challenges unique to each position is critical for managers who must apply and evaluate these new data-driven insights on a daily basis.

With any engagement, clients have secure access to a project management website.  This website provides the ability to run dialog databases by topic, store/share files and provide a calendar function for meetings and project deliverables.  With every message, file or event posted all relevant team members are notified by email of the additional content sent to the site.