Empower Your Analytics is a new type of data-driven marketing company; focused solely on the unique needs and challenges faced by smaller community focused financial institutions

We are unique in that our services can grow and expand as your organizations adapts and grows it’s data marketing capabilities. We believe your data analytics capabilities should grow organically.  We use the science of data analytics to gain unique customer insights, then apply these insights to create marketing campaigns that support their personal experiences with your institution. And that supports your brand

DATA CONSULTING We can work with you to meet the organizational and technology challenges in designing and implementing a data-marketing strategy.

SOFTWARE:  We can help you identify the right solution for your organization.  We also offer our own proprietary database software that can be used in strategy development, education and ongoing marketing programs.

DIRECT MARKETING:  Understanding the mechanics of how to use member data to maximize results and to continue to learn more about what motivates your members with each campaign.

EDUCATION:  Having  your team not only understand the processes for using data-driven marketing but how it will evolve your organization is a critical success factor.


Many community focused financial institutions are under competitive and financial pressure to adopt data into their current marketing, sales and service business model.  This pressure is the result of:

The redefinition of “community.  A significant percentage of interactions with community focused institution are now done remote.  Your customer data can help extend the personalization of face to face into remote media and service distribution.

The competition is using  data.   Your larger competitors have been using data for years to steal your customers.  With reduced costs and easier to use software your smaller/local competitors are beginning to use data-driven marketing to build market share (steal your customers).

Extend branch footprint.   With data-driven marketing you can target new “high likelihood” prospects outside your current branch footprint.  With remote account opening and service capabilities already in place you can now expand your market.

Your data has value.  It is a valuable asset that is going unused; we can show you how to make the most of this resource to drive growth and increase revenue.