Real data-driven marketing solutions to fit your budget and personnel resources.

Empower Your Analytics is a new type of data-driven marketing company; focused solely on smaller banks and credit unions. We are unique in that our services can grow and expand as your organizations adapts and grows it’s data marketing capabilities. We believe your data analytics capabilities should grow organically.  We use the science of data analytics to gain unique customer insights, then apply these insights to create marketing campaigns that support their personal experiences with your institution. And that supports your brand.

Part of the reason your customers come to you for financial help is the personal experience they receive from your branch bankers. How can you make sure the personal experience they are looking for is carried over into your marketing, branch signage and collateral materials?

Empower Your Analytics can be your data-driven marketing partner.  Our goal is to create win-win marketing for you and your customers by creating personalized marketing that enhances each customer’s experience. The result? Increased account relationships and improved revenue-per-customer for your institution.

If you have limited resources, you can choose our “Total Solution” option and outsource all or part of our services.  Empower Your Analytics will provide your team with customer profile reports, identify marketing opportunities and then develop marketing strategies for your review/approval. It’s then your option to either work with your internal resources to design and run campaigns or you can outsource it all to us with your review/approval at every step of the way.   It’s like hiring your own marketing department at a fraction of the cost.  

Empower Your Analytics enhances your ability to focus, establish, and achieve new marketing goals.  We make you and your team smarter by giving you the tools to know more about your customers.  To learn more we offer several topical videos:
-> e-brochure: click here
-> product presentation: click here
-> HELOC case study: click here
-> Checking account cross-sell case study: click here

Empower Your Analytics provides the tools for you to uncover unique customer insights…helping you better understand the world around you.

Understanding the world your customers live in helps you make smarter marketing decisions.