Complimentary webinar for smaller banks & credit unions

Fundamentals for Successfully Implementing Data-Driven Marketing

Empower Your Analytics, LLC offers a complimentary webinar on the Fundamentals for Successfully Implementing Data-Driven Marketing.

What you will learn:

  • What is data-driven marketing?
  • How adding 3rd party data to your database improves the power of your analytics, marketing performance and ROI.
  • Using life events and banking behaviors as sales/marketing triggers.
  • Organizational considerations when implementing a data-driven marketing function.
  • Practical application; how using  data analytics  can improve the performance of your cross-sell campaigns.  We take a close look at the data mechanics of a CRM program cross-selling checking accounts.

Scheduled Webinar Dates:

  • Smaller Banks: Oct 11 & 18, Nov 15 & Dec 13
  • Credit Unions:  Oct 9 & 16, Nov 13 & Dec 11

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