A Unique Database With the Flexibility to Adopt to Your Specific Requirements

Empower Your Analytics is just that…empowering your customer data to work for you.  Many smaller institutions understand this all to well.  Without a marketing department how do you monetize these amazing new customer insights?  We not only offer you an easy to use customer database with unlimited use, but also the capabilities to put this new found information into marketing action.  With smaller institutions, the CEO/President is many times the head of marketing; with Empower Your Analytics we can provide support from strategic analytics to campaign tracking and follow-up.

Empower Your Analytics offers flexible contract terms, a broad variety of marketing tools, multiple data set options to include with your database, and the flexibility to outsource all or none of the data discovery and marketing implementation.  We are focused only on building the best data-driven marketing possible for you.

As you can see below our services are unique in the data-driven marketing vendor space.  We do not lock you into an expensive, long-term contract, in fact you can set-up a product trial with your organization using our SnapShot. This offers a fully functional database with unlimited use for 6 months with a one-time price that is significantly below the cost of a research project; that would provide much less in terms of customer insights…plus you can keep the data if you decide not to renew.

Empower Your Analytics is a start-up, data-driven marketing company with analytics tools designed a marketing director.  Which means they are easy to use!  We believe it is right product for smaller banks and credit unions and that it will transform the way you use customer data.

Empower Your Analytics – Database Product Features