Setting up your Empower Data-Driven Marketing System.

In most cases your Empower Data-Driven Marketing System is set-up and ready to go in 45 days from the day we receive your customer file.  The process is simple and requires less than one hour of your IT personnel time. When your Empower SnapShot is completed, we conduct a half-day workshop with your team to review your data and begin identifying marketing opportunities.

The process includes: 
1. Download your customer file.  We ask you to download your customer file with 20 selected data fields.  It doesn’t matter what core system you use. All we ask is that you provide the customer data in a CSV format.

2. We clean up and standardize your data so we can do a better job at matching your customers to the appended data.

3. Append Demographics.  We now send the customer file (only the name and address data) to a third party to have consumer and business data appended.  If you have selected to include non-customer data in your Empower database, we generate these records and append the same data we append to your customers.

4. Build Dashboards.  We reunite the name and address of your customers with the appended data to their bank account information.  From this information we build your dashboards and marketing tools.

5. Introductory Meeting/Workshop.  Once your Empower database is completed we will meet with you to explain the dashboard, marketing tools, methodology for data discovery.  The timetable for this process is 45 days from the day we receive the download of your customer file.  An ongoing client option is to have Empower facilitate a monthly workshop for your team to provide marketing and data discovery support.